Phil H.
Phil is a 56-year old diabetic who turned his life around when we discovered the joys of fitness. Working with John for over 5 years, Phil had dropped 35 lbs. and is now a member of a rugby team of members 12- 20 years younger than he is.  As a gay man, he always avoided joining sports teams, but no longer! He's in better shape than he's ever been, and is a great example to his kids.

Joyce's wife, Jenny, regularly joins her in her weekly workouts with John.

Joyce C.

Joyce is a 70-year old cancer survivor."I started to see John 3 months ago.  My wife, Jenny, has been seeing him for a couple of years and I have been jealous of how fabulous her body is looking!  I started seeing John in January twice/week but quickly moved to three times/week.  Jenny and I go together 2 out of the 3 times each week.

I had a serious medical illness a few years ago that left me with a significant loss of balance as a result of some of my treatment. As I age, I worry about osteoporosis and the possibility of a bone fracture if I fall.  The work I am doing with John is focused on strengthening my core and developing more muscle mass in order to help me with my stability and overall strength.  I am truly surprised at how much I enjoy my workouts with John.  I am also excited to see the many ways in which my body is already, in this short amount of time, getting stronger and my balance is improving.  Woo hoo!"

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Luiz, G. 

At age 25, Luiz began to workout with John. Over the next year, he lost 120 lbs.

Perry C.

Perry is a 66-year old Southern gentleman who says he feels like more like he's in his 30's after working out with John for the past three years. 


Alice is 64 years old, and has been working out with John for close to two years. She says she feels stronger and youthful as a result of her regular workouts, which has made gardening and dancing easier and more enjoyable for her.

Stephen B.

"I started working out with John a little over 4 years ago. He was only the 2nd trainer I had ever worked with and we instantly clicked. He is very attentive and designs a program that fits one’s experience level and goals. Also, he is great with older clients as he understands that they have various limitations compared to younger clients. His personal gym offering 1 on 1 training is great for people that do not want the crazy environment of a large gym!" Age 61

Sophie P.

"I highly recommend John Carter at Titanium Health & Fitness as a personal trainer. Throughout my two-plus years' experience with him, I felt supported, safe and challenged. I never had a trainer before - it made all the difference to sticking to the regimen and putting on more muscles in my arms, back and legs.


It's not an exaggeration to say he gave me my life back. I was  dealing with a chronic illness which made me weak. Now I can carry the groceries up the stairs, hoist my suitcase into the overhead rack and navigate icy walkways with confidence."

C. Scott G.

"I've been meaning to write a review Titanium Health & Fitness for several weeks now. John Carter, the owner, has been training me for the past 8 weeks. Prior to that, I had suffered from a lot of depression so much that I had to withdraw from graduate school temporarily.  I had put on approximately 90 pounds in the past three years, and I had tried going to the gyms, different diets, trying it on my own going to different trainers, but the first time I actually was able to get progress was with John. Since starting two months ago I went from 30.6% body fat to 25.7% body fat, lost 5 pounds, have become noticeably stronger (I've started doing pushups which I've never been able to do in my entire life), and have dropped a paint size. Moreover, getting back into the routine of workout has done wonders for mental health as well. I've returned to graduate school, I'm feeling happy, and I for the first time in a long time am enthusiastic about getting back into shape. 

John is a great instructor. He has a reasonable size gym for private one-on-one sessions, which was a big deal for me. I didn't want to lift weights for the first time in front of other people. He does a great job of keeping you motivated and wanting to come back to your next session. I'd highly recommend John to anyone."

Felek J. 

"I am 67 a few months after major surgery that left me weakened and depressed. My son, looking for ways to help me out, signed me up for training with John Carter. After three months of three sessions per week I am much stronger and more energetic. The sessions with John were very much worth the money and time. His personalized program, one-person-at-the-time approach and his ability to motivate were the keys to my satisfaction. John is a tough and demanding trainer but undoubtedly very effective. I would highly recommend the physical training in John's well equipped, clean and neat gym."

Julian M.

"I've been training with John on and off for the last 9 years. I've been in several car accidents that have caused serious injuries to my back. I tried other trainers and NONE of them listened or came up with a program that took my back issues into consideration. John, also a survivor of a horrific accident, understood that it took a different approach to train me effectively. He works you hard, but you will definitely see results. He truly loves what he does, and inspires you to push further than you thought. He will change your life for the better."

Bradley C.

"I've had 7 sessions with John so far and my experience has been fantastic.  I've worked with a trainer before who was disorganized and inattentive, but I've had none of those problems with John.  He has put together a doable but challenging program that builds on a core set of movements, but also incorporates different exercises to mix things up.  I've never experienced this kind of improvement in my fitness so fast.  John is super encouraging and always challenges you to do your best.  He's helped me to pay attention to my form so that I can avoid injuries.  John is also really good at assessing where you are and helping you set specific goals.  I always look forward to our sessions and they're even kind of fun!"

Richard Y.

"I wanted to write a review about Titanium Health & Fitness because having John Carter, the owner, training me, has helped me immensely. I was depressed and worried about getting back into working out because of some previous injuries with my back and shoulder. John taught me all about strengthening my core and how to lift without using my back and as a result I'm in better and stronger shape than I was 20 years ago. At 56 I feel 36. It's a great facility and the equipment is great. John pays attention and will never let anyone injure themselves. My life is going great because I feel great and I'm so glad I found John on Craigslist. It's all about "Titanium Health and Fitness" Baby!!"

Barry S.

"I started training with John Carter and by the age of 50 had reached the best shape of my life. Well, that lasted 2 years, and then i gained back over 45 lbs. I was told by my doctor that I had become diabetic and needed to start on medication. I was scared, confused and in denial and didn't want to believe it, so i called John. He told me a story about another client he trains with the same problem and I listened. He told me that if I  wanted to beat this I would need to come to the gym Monday, Wednesday and Friday and start a serious diet.  If I did exactly as he said my sugar would drop and I would not need any medication. So, I did it. I have been driving in from Worcester to Brookline 3 days a week since April 19th 2014. By my 24th visit I had gone from 247lbs to 218lbs  and  lost many inches from my waist and belly.  My sugar is in the normal range and I never did start the medication.  My Dr. is thrilled. So, does John Carter get 5 stars from me? 10 times that. Thank you John for caring about  me and saving my life."